Sunday, 26 February 2017

Cosatto Yo2

Good Evening, a bit of a different post. 
As I now have a baby girl and most of my money is now spent on her and her big sister I have decided to do some reviews of baby/children things as well as the usual beauty items!  
The reason I am doing this is because a couple of months ago I found it very frustrating trying to chose a pram. The one I wanted had not been reviewed on any of the major websites or blogs. Whether this was due to it being very new I'm not sure! After much umming and ahhing I bit the bullet and went for it.  I am SO glad I did because I am in love with my purchase!

The pram I was looking at originally was the Cosatto Super Go stroller. I saw this in my local Mothercare and fell in love with the print not the actual style. I then went home and researched... I found that Cosatto had three different style of strollers in this particular print -
I ended up going for the Yo 2, because it looked the comfiest, sturdiest and prettiest! 

The main thing I love about this stroller is that it comes with the cosy-toes (which is super cosy) and the rain cover. There are very few buggies/strollers that come with the cosy toes so this was a bonus - especially with the Great British weather!

I ordered the stroller from - this was a risk as it was a website I had never heard of but the pram was over £50 cheaper here than most places ie Mothercare, Kiddicare, John Lewis. I am so glad I took this risk as not only was the stroller cheaper but I ordered it at 12pm on Monday and it arrived at 9am Tuesday - Excellent service I highly recommend looking on here for any baby items. When the stroller arrived it felt like Christmas (#mumlife!) so I immediately started opening it, I had it up and ready to go in 20 minutes with a 7 month old grabbing my leg at every given chance! 
Personally (and I know this is a real you'll love it or you'll hate it product) I love this stroller. After putting it up and admiring it for a few minutes I set up the guarantee which as with all Cosatto strollers is 4 years, which I think is excellent! This took a few minutes I emailed my order details to Cosatto and received a reply telling me it was all covered within 5 minutes!

On to the Stroller itself. 

The Cosy toes
The cosy toes is a brilliant quality,  thick, snugly.....and covered in unicorns, what more could you want ? I know how about a little Kangaroo pouch inside to keep little hands warm! It is also reversible it has a summer lining and a winter lining...Fab!

The Hood
The extendable hood is something I really wanted on the new stroller as in the summer it can be a real faff trying to keep the sun off little ones face, so this is great. The inside lining of the hood is baby pink with lots of rainbows which my daughter loves staring at. The hood also has a pocket at the back which I find really handy to keep my phone, purse, and keys etc in as it's really easily accessible. There is also a little viewing window on the back so you can check on baby if they are sleeping.

The Basket
Not much to say on the basket, not too big, not too small. I find people always complain about the size of baskets on prams and strollers, I don't know what they expect! A suitcase size basket?  I find the basket on the Yo 2 of an adequate size.  If I am going anywhere for more than an hour or so I will take my changing bag, so I only use the basket for my eldest daughter's drink bottle and any other junk she decides to bring on our outing!

The Rain Cover
The rain cover is in a little unicorn covered bag, which attaches to the side of the pram...GENIUS, why all Brands don't so this is beyond me. With my old pushchair I always had it shoved under the pram in the basket, which was just annoying, this however is great. Whether it will be as easy to get back in the bag every time is a different story....I'll get back to you on that! The rain cover itself is huge it doesn't just cover baby it covers the entire pram!

The Seat
I love the seat, it looks super comfy, it has a proper ledge for little ones bum, with my old pram it was just like a half moon shape no ledge so my daughter would constantly slip down and look all slouched and uncomfortable. This seat is lovely, along with the harness pads and the head hugger she looks snug as a bug in it. The seat lies flat and is really easy to adjust without waking up little one. It has an adjustable calf support so baby can lie completely flat. The only negative thing I could say if I was being picky is the harness buckle is a bit fiddly but after you've done it a few times you get the hang of it.

Its safe to say she likes it too!

The stroller is so east to fold, and folds really compact even with the cosy toes on. I love everything about this stroller, it's pretty and practical! I would I highly recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a stroller. It comes in 4 prints and varies from £190 - £259 (including cosytoes).