Saturday, 18 January 2020

Glossybox | January | 2020


So although the delivery of the first 2020 Glossybox was a bit disappointing...the box definitely wasn't!

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LD OUT of this box but they are doing a Mystery Glossybox use the code NEWYOU to get it for just £7,

I normally receive my Glossybox within the first week of the month but there was an issue with the delivery for some people this month, but as usual Glossybox were quick to let me know that there was an issue and when it would be arriving. 

Januarys box was themed "Sleep and Refresh". I was really happy with this box it had some lovely products in which I will most definitely get some use out of!

1 | BYBI Strawberry Booster | RRP £12

This was the product I was most looking forward to. I love a serum and this one sounded and looked lovely! It is used to hydrate your skin - which in this horrid UK weather my skin is in need of! For some reason I thought it would smell like strawberry or have a sweet scent, which it doesn't - it has no scent at all. It does however make my skin feel super soft and look radiant.  I look forward to continuing to use this and let you know what I think of it. 

2 | Basic Beauty | Tweezers | RRP £15.50

Not much to say about this product! I can always do with a new set of tweezers, I don't know what happens to mine they disappear! I currently have a set in my dressing gown pocket, make up bag and bedside drawer but you can never have too many - haha! 
These are a cute baby pink colour and have the slanted tip which are great for getting those fine little pesky hairs!

3 | ModelCo Clear Brow Gel | RRP £14

I was glad to see this in the box as I have just ran out of my Browcote eyebrow Gel. I use clear brow gel everyday to set my brows into place. I don't think you can really go wrong with a clear brow gel so I am sure I will be using this from now on to replace the old one!

4 | BeautyPro | CBD Oil Infused Mask | £5.95

There is nothing I love more than a good sheet mask. This one looked interesting, there are so many beauty products now that are infused with CBD Oil. I done this mask last night and was quite amazed with how good my skin looked after doing it, I have red cheeks which nothing really seems to fix but my redness was considerably calmer after doing this mask, my skin also felt lovely and soft. It had quite a herbally scent to it which I wasn't particularly keen on but it was bearable, and I'd definitely do it again considering the results. It has made me want to go and get one of the CBD serums to see if they do the same!

5 | Kueshi Double effect Make up remover | RRP unknown

This one was a bit random, when i was reading the card that you receive telling you about all the products I noticed this wasn't on there, in fact it was a completely different product, but then I received an email explaining the mix-up. I am actually glad I received this instead of the product on the card as one of my new years resolutions is to stop using face wipes and go back to the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise routine. I used to always do this routine, then when I had children and had less time I got stuck in the routine of grabbing a face wipe and taking m make-up off that way! Now I am starting to age :( I have started to take better care of my skin! So this product will be great to try. It's also one of those products that separate into two colours which my inner-child finds highly satisfying!

6 | NAKD Bar | Salted Caramel 

This is not for me Haha! I am all for trying healthy alternatives...but this is not my cup-of-tea! I tried palming it off to my daughter but she looked at me in disgust! I will stick to my Graze flapjack - they are delicious! 


Monday, 9 December 2019

Glossybox | December | 2019

Good Evening,

This months Glossybox arrived today, the theme this month is 'Merry Metallics'. It is full of make-up products, which are perfect if you have a Christmas party coming up! 

Decembers box has 5 Full-size products which are worth over £55!

Get this months Glossybox for just £7 using discount code: DECEMBER 

1 | Lasplash Cosmetics | Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes | RRP £9.75

These lashes look gorgeous. Very Glamorous so perfect for any Christmas Parties or even Christmas Day! The only downside is they don't come with an adhesive so if you don't have any you would need to buy some.

2 | Steve Laurant | Loose Powder Pigment | RRP £14.60

This is a gorgeous rose gold loose pigment, you can use this however you wish, a pretty colour on the eyes but I think it would make a beautiful highlighter! I have used Steve Laurant products in the past and have always loved them, the products are great and the packaging is really pretty, it feels quite luxurious!

3 | Bellapierre | Liquid Shadow Eye Candy | RRP £20

I look forward to trying this, its not like anything I have used in the past. I tried it on the back of my hand, it comes out as a liquid but drys very quickly as a very opaque glittery gold! 

4 | L.O.V Cosmetics | Lipaffair colour and care lipstick | RRP £8.90

I have never heard of this brand before, but the packaging is really nice, it feels expensive it has a magnetic lid and feels really heavy. The colour I received was Matte Love Potion, matte isn't normally a go-to formula for me in the winter be honest lipstick isn't something I regularly wear in the winter - Carmex all the way! This however feels quite moisturising for a matte lipstick, it has Kendi Oil and Hyaluronic FILLING SPHERES in it which will apparently "smooth and visibly plump your pout".

5 | Original Source | Sweet Rhubarb & Raspberry Sower Gel | RRP £2.30

Last but definitely not least... because I LOVE an Original Source Shower Gel! This smells incredible as do all of their shower gels!


Sunday, 10 November 2019

Glossybox | November | 2019


My November Glossybox arrived yesterday and I wasn't disappointed! This month Glossybox was called "Winter Warmers", as I have been "maturing" I appreciate skincare and haircare so much more than I used to and I now actually prefer getting these types of products over make-up! 
Winter months are hell for my skin, I suffer with dry skin anyway so the chilly weather doesn't help this issue so I am all for any new nourishing and moisturising products! 
There is also a discount code at the bottom so you can go and order your very own Glossybox for just £7!

1 | Kandi Cosmetics Glow up primer and setting spray | RRP £20

Loads of brands have come out with these sprays recently, I have tried the Iconic London one that I think every single reality TV star has advertised on Insta recently, I liked this product but it was one of those products I used for a few weeks then slowly started forgetting about it! This pretty much looks identical to that, I will give it a go and maybe do a Iconic VS Kandi post when I have a verdict!
Give your dull winter skin the ultimate glow up with the Kandi Cosmetics Pre Glow Mist. It's hydrating properties moisturises the skin whilst giving it a long term glow. Spray the mist before or after makeup, or on its own for refreshed and glowing skin.

2 | Hask Exotics Hair Oil | RRP £2.49

I love trying new hair products! I have recently been trying to really take care of my hair, I have been colouring my hair for about 13 years now and have had two children (Pregnancy Hair loss) and it has really taken a toll on my hair. I received the repairing shine hair oil. I have used Moroccanoil in the past which is lovely but very pricey. I tried this Hask one this morning and I have to say so far I am impressed, there are quite a few oils I have tried in the past which made my hair look greasy - This one didn't do that it got rid of my frizz and made my hair look really shiny! So far so good!
- Give your tresses the extra nourishing boost they need this winter. Lightweight and alcohol free, this hair oil absorbs instantly and provides a beautiful shine with no oily residue.

3 | Mudmasky Leave-Me-On Winter Mask | RRP £43.50

First things first £43.50... I would never spend this on a mask so the £10 you spend on Glossybox is worth it just for this product alone! So I haven't tried this yet but as I am writing this I have just put a bit on my hand, it almost smells like baby lotion it is very moisturising but it doesn't feel heavy, its also not sticky which I am happy about. I am really into masks at the moment I have been doing sheet masks regularly, so I look forward to trying this one out. 
- This not only creates an invisible shield on the surface of your complexion, protecting it from blustery weather, but it also repairs and nourishes dry, cracked and flaking skin

4 | Rituals Soothing Hand Balm | RRP £9.90

I love a Rituals product! I have just ran out of my favorite hand cream, so is great timing for me. My all time favorite hand cream is Merci Handy Flower Power hand cream, which is a lovely hand cream and I highly recommend trying it. This Rituals product is a hand balm rather than a cream, it is thick and nourishing and smells like a spa, my hands feel instantly soft after applying it.
- This luxurious hand balm is specifically formulated to treat dry and cracked blends sweet almond with Indian rose to soften and nourish your hands.

5 | Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser | Deluxe Mini - £1.10 Full-size £8.99

I originally saw this product many years ago when I was watching Youtube - I noticed a lot of American Youtubers would use this or I would see it in the background of their videos then a few years ago I saw it in Boots and had to buy it! I have dry sensitive skin so I am careful about what cleansers I use on my skin. This cleanser is great at removing stubborn make-up but at the same time it is super gentle on your skin.
- This gentle cleanser removes make-up, dirt and impurities without stripping your skn of its natural oils or upsetting its pH levels 

6 | OFFBLAK Fruit Tea | £0.84. RRP Full-size £9.98

So I think I have probably said before, I don't like getting tea bags in my Glossybox! I am a YORKSHIRE tea only kinda girl, I don't really enjoy fruit tea! Saying that this is just an extra product so I ain't mad about it! Umm.... Cute packaging though!

This months Glossybox adds up to a mad £77.83 so yes Novembers Glossybox is most definitely worth the £10.00 it costs! You can still get your hands on this months box HERE! Use the code COSY and get the box for just £7!

Monday, 7 October 2019

October 2019 | Glossybox

Good Evening!

I arrived home from work to a perfect little delivery - My Halloween Glossybox! I have been getting subscription boxes on and off for about 9 years now. I originally used to get Jolie Boxes which are now known as Birchbox. My current favourite is Glossybox - I feel like their variety of products are the best! I don't get these every month I cancel the subscription every month and only resubscribe once I have seen the sneak peek and if I think its worth it i'll order it. I think this is the best way of doing it because can also get extra promo codes each month if you resubscribe (like this month I got £3 off). 

So without further a do.... here is the Halloween box!
First things first...the box is amazing! As much as I love their standard baby pink box, it's nice to have the odd special box!

1 | STYLONDON | Velvet Touch Palette | RRP £15

The colours in this palette are beautiful, similar to those in the Naked Heat Palette. I love orange shades on me as they really bring out the blue in my eyes, so I can see me getting a lot of use out of this. Also this is a full-size product so this alone is worth more than the the Glossybox monthly subscription price!

"This luscious eyeshadow palette boasts 9 highly-pigmented hues in a range of blazing reds and oranges. Sweep a single shade onto your lid for a sizzling pop of colour, or layer different hues to create an enticing and eye catching finish."

2 | Lord & Berry | Lipstick Crayon - Devil Red | RRP £15

I have tried many Lord & Berry products over the years mainly from Glossyboxes. Their lip crayons have a really good colour payoff and last really well on the lips. This is going to be perfect not only for Halloween but also Christmas!

"Finish off your sassy, devil-may-care look with this bold red lipstick crayon. Its exclusive Devil red hue is the ultimate fiery shade. Plus, it is formulated with hydrating vitamin E that glides effortlessly onto your lips and creates a smooth matte finish that doesn't dry out your pout. Simply line your lips using the thin tip, before filling them in"

3 | Bubble T Cosmetics | Devils Foaming Bath Powder | RRP £4.99

This is a different product I have never seen or heard of a bath powder! I like getting little items like this that you wouldn't necessarily ever buy yourself but it's a nice treat.

"This devilishly-good foaming bath powder is the perfect way to relax and recharge at the end of a long autumnal day. As you fill your bath, simply add a splash of foaming powder to your tub. Then when bubbles start to appear. slip into the warm water and allow the fruity scent to refresh your body and mind" 

4 | MCO BEAUTY | Eye Define Crayon Liner | RRP £15

I feel like as much as this is a great staple item, I have about 4 different liners to try out at the moment! I have only ever used one product from this brand before and I wasnt that impressed so I will be interested to see what this is like. Also extra bonus points for the baby pink! Haha

"Achieve the ultimate dramatic eye look with this newly-launched creamy eyeliner crayon. Boasting a highly pigmented, rich and velvety formula, it allows you to effortlessly create precise, intense and sweeping lines. You can also blend it along your lash line for a striking, smokey effect"

5 | QUE BELLA BEAUTY | Plumping Peel off Mask | RRP £2.49

I love skin products and who doesn't love a face mask! I also adore peel off masks rather than wash off masks, they are so much easier and less messy. It claims that it is going to plump my skin...I really hope this is true!

"You don't need to sell your soul to achieve eternal youth - you just need this luxurious peel off mask! Enriched with Hyaluronic acid salts and organic rose water, it helps to moisturise, brighten and plump your skin, allow it to work its devilish tricks for 20 mins, then gently peel it off to reveal a more youthful and toned complexion"

6 | Whittard Of Chelsea | Sticky Toffee Pudding White Hot Chocolate | £2

I am not gonna lie, I will probably give this to my other half as I am not a massive hot chocolate fan but this is a super cute extra and I am loving the design on the packaging!

So over all... I LOVE this box, I am glad I got the Devil box not the Angel box as I think these colours are much easier to pull off! The items in the box total....£54.48! So Considering the box is only £10 a month plus P&P I think that's a massive bargain!

You can get your first GlossyBox for £7 like me by using the promo code DEVILISH - Here


Sunday, 29 September 2019

Benefit | Pretty in the U.S.A palette

Hi Guys!

I have this little beauty to share with you today. I have always loved Benefit blushes and bronzers, so when I noticed this one on their SALE page I had to have it! It is beautiful! These are all the full size products which are priced at £26 each meaning they'd cost £78 if you bought them all but this palette is currently in the sale for £25.79, which is a massive saving and you get a Goof Proof Pencil as well So even if you just need a new Hoola - You'd actually be better off just getting this palette! - Plus I have £5 off if you order through this link - Here :) 

 It contains my number 1 favourite bronzer/contour Hoola. Hoola is a matte bronzer a little goes a long way with this which is why they last forever! I use this daily and it is the only bronzer I have purchased for about 10 years! I find that a lot of other bronzers have shimmer in them - which is no good when contouring, or they are too orange. This bronzer is perfect. It now comes in 4 different shades but in this palette it is just the original Hoola shade. 

Second is the Rockateur rose gold blush. This blush is beautiful, it would suit all skin tones. It doesn't have the strongest of colours so you don't end up looking like a clown and you can build this up but it never looks too much! It gives a lovely natural looking rosy flush on your cheeks. It has a lovely rose gold shimmer through it which gives that natural looking glow meaning you don't necessarily need a highlighter as well. Rockateur has a slightly different formula than other benefit blushers "Rockateur has a specialized formula that works by combining the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures".

Last but definitely not least is Dandelion Twinkle! This is a "superfine highlighting powder" This is a gorgeous natural looking highlighter. Now personally - and I know many will disagree but I think that the highlighting has gone a bit too far in the beauty world, I like this because it looks natural which I personally like I think that with a lot of highlighters now they leave you looking like you have fallen head first into a pot of glitter either that or you look like you have done a ten mile run! Dandelion Twinkle gives the perfect amount of glow to your face without looking like you're from outer space! 

The palette also came with Benefits Goof proof Brow pencil I have used this before and do love it, I am coming to the end of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade, so I am going to start using this again and see if I revert to the Pomade or stick with the Goof Proof Brow pencil!

Buy Here