Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Beauty Blender VS precision blending sponge

Hello you Beauties! I have recently been using both the beauty blender and the precision blending sponge so that I could do a review on them both. When the original Beauty blender came out I remember seeing them pop up on every blog, I never purchased one as I thought "Why spend £16.00 on a sponge", but when I received it in my April Birch Box I was so excited to try it and see what the hype was all about! My friend then bought me another version of the blender which is called the Precision blending sponge I think she got it from TKMAXX but the only place I can find them is on Amazon where they are $9.99.  

Beauty Blender (BB) Vs Precision Blending Sponge (PBS)
So the first thing I noticed was the BB expanded in water much more than the PBS and the  PBS felt a lot more dense than the BB. I personally prefer the shape of the PBS. When using both sponges I use the large bottom area to apply my foundation and the pointed end to apply my concealer. 

Overall I definitely thought the Beauty Blender applied my make-up a lot more smoothly and streak free. Although the Precision blending sponge I feel does apply the foundation nicely and is definitely a good alternative if you cannot afford to splash out £16.00 on the beauty blender. 

I now understand why there was such a massive hype about the Beauty blender I think it is a genius make-up tool. I alternate between my Real techniques buffing brush and my beauty blender. If I had never of got the beauty blender in my Birchbox I don't think I would have purchased it because of the price and therefore if i didn't get the beauty blender I would have used the precision sponge as it is still a very good alternative. Also If you have tried the cosmopolitan sponge and like me didn't like it, don't let it put you off  as although they look the same this precision sponge is much better! 


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

MeMeMe | Long Wear Satin Lip Cream | Berry Crush

Hi Guys! Another Lip stick post today. I was going through my lipstick collection the other day and picked up this lipstick that I have never used and I realised how much I like it. 

This is one of the MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Creams and this is in colour 02 Berry Crush. I really like the colour of this, it is a fushia pink with blue undertones. These lip creams are really pigmented and last on your lips for a good 3-4 hours which isn't bad considering they retail at just £8.50 (currently on offer for £6.50)! 

These are enriched with Shea Butter and vitamin E which means that they are really 
moisturising and made my lips feel super soft! They are also slightly fragranced which means 
they don't have that nasty cheap lipstick scent/taste!

I also love the packaging of these lip creams, they come in a box and each one has a different
goddess on it. The lipstick itself feels more expensive than it is it comes in a black
matte tube. 

You can purchase these on the MeMeMe website, they don't have a massive choice of colours 
but the colours they do have are lovely! 


Friday, 14 June 2013

Maxfactor | Colour Elixir Lipstick | Pink Brandy | Review

I recently purchased this lipstick whilst browsing around BOOTS for some hair products! Does anyone else do this? Go to a shop for something specific and walk out with something completely different and without what you originally went in there for! 

Anyway, I picked this up because I recently noticed that all of my lipsticks are bright colours and I didn't have many subtle summer colours. This immediately stood out to me as I don't have any Maxfactor lipsticks and it is coral which is my all time favorite summer colour! I think the packaging is really nice and makes it look more expensive than it is, I really like the way it  has the colour on the bottom as when its in my lipstick stand I can see the colour easily.

MAXFACTOR SAY "Instant fabulous colour. Actively moisturises for smoother, fuller lips (vs bare lips). A blend of 60% emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including vitamin E." The product itself is super moisturising almost like a balm and it doesn't have that cheap lipstick smell/taste (HOORAY!) I also feel it does make my lips look fuller. The only downside of this lipstick is the colour doesnt last very long when I wear this i feel like I need to be re-applying every hour which would bother me if it was a high-end lipstick but as this retails at £7.99 (and I used my boots points to buy it!) it doesn't really bother me as I think the colour and hydration of the lipstick is brilliant.

I definitely think I am going to try some more of the colour Elixir range I would be interested to try one of the more vibrant colours to see if the colour stay is any better on those.  

Thursday, 6 June 2013

There is nothing wrong with wishing!

Nothing wrong with Wishing


Current Favourite Summer Nail Polishes!

Hi Guys! I don't usually paint my nails on a regular basis but recently I have been changing my nail colour on a weekly basis! So I thought I would share 4 of my current favorite colours that I have been using!

1. This is 68 Generous from the MeMeMe long lasting gloss collection. A really pretty purple colour, I love the MeMeMe glosses as they are really opaque, in the picture above I used just one coat! They also last for at least a week without chipping which is really good for a "drugstore" nail polish! These glosses also have maxi brushes (wider than the standard nail polish brush) which makes the application really easy and smooth. You can purchase these on the MeMeMe website, they have a wide range of colours which vary from dark's to brights and they are currently on offer £4.00 each!

2. I recently purchased this polish from fragrancedirect, if you have never been on this website its 
well worth a look as these OPI polishes usually retail at £11.50 each but on the fragrancedirect
site they have a small selection of colours for just £3.99 each! This is a pretty pink with silver 
shimmer is such a pretty colour. its called OPI Pedal Faster Suzi and it was from the Holland Collection released for Spring 2012. I like this on my nails more than I thought I would as it is quite girly compared to what I usually wear. In the picture above it is two coats but when I use it on my nails I tend to use 3 coats as it is quite sheer. 

3. This is by far my favourite colour at the moment. I am obsessed with coral colours and this polish looks so nice next to a tan! My friend gave me this polish and I am so glad she did as I have got so much use out of it! The colour is beautiful and the MODELS OWN polishes are such good quality. This polish is called Coral Reef. I definatly want to expand my collection of MODELS OWN polishes as they have such an amazing colour range!

4. Last but not least I used this BarryM polish throughout winter and I am still using it now. I just think it is a really pretty blue and I love this on its own or with my models own Blizzard polish over the top. It is called Blue Moon.

I'd love to hear what polishes you are loving at the moment! 


Monday, 3 June 2013

Late | Birchbox May 2013

Hi Guys! Sorry about the lack of posts, I have just started working full-time again and its taken me a while to get my head around full-time work and looking after my 1 year old daughter!

I thought I would let you all know what I received in my Birchbox from May although you have probably all read other peoples posts on this! 

OPI | Nail Lacquer
For red carpet worthy mani, just paint on this gorgeous colour from the iconic nail brand between a base and top coat. Easy! Full-size, £11.50
- I am so excited about this, I love OPI polishes I find they are really good quality, they last on your nails without chipping for a long time and the colours are really pigmented you could just leave them with one coat if you wanted to. Also this is a really pretty summer coral colour, which I love! 

MURAD® | Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture for eyes 
Science is at the heart of all Murad products and this clever blend of nutrients increases and maintains cellular hydration to the delicate eye area. Full-size £57.00
- I am excited to try this, I get really dry skin on my under eye area so I am hoping this will help, although I don't think I would spend £57.00 on it!

BIORGANICS HAIR THERAPY | Salon secret Elixir Hair Perfecting oil
This hair elixir smooths and tames flyaways for a picture-perfect ' do. Bonus: It's free from parabens and nasties. Eco thumbs up! Full-size, £12.99
- I haven't tried any hair oils so I look forward to trying this as I have wanted to try moroccanOil for a while but it is quite expensive this one is a lot cheaper so hopefully I like it! 

WEI | Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser   
This gentle but effective cleanser is high in vitamin C, which helps your pores stay clear and your oil levels in check - leaving a refreshed, bright complexion behind. Full-size, £25.00
- I like WEI™ products but I am not a massive fan of the scent on this as its rose which I don't particularly like and I also have lots of cleanser samples to try, so I guess I will just add this one to the pile to try out! 

BEAUTY EXTRA - WEI | Pomegranate Buffing Beads
Revive dull skin with this scrub packed with pomegranate peel and other natural ingredients,. Blend it with your go-to cleanser for a mild exfoliant to rid you of your tired skin. Full-size, £13.00 
- I look forward to trying these as I have heard a lot of good reviews on them!

This healthy tea rids your body of pent-up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels. Perfect for pre-event nerves! Full-size, £13.85
There is nothing I hate more than a TEA sample in a Birchbox, especially when its loose tea! PLEASE Birchbox Stop giving TEA samples!

So Overall I am quite impressed with this box my favorite items are the OPI polish and the hair oil! 

Did you receive anything different in your months box?