Sunday, 7 October 2012

MeMeMe Parties Day

Today I went to a MeMeMe Parties day. MeMeMe cosmetics are starting to do parties at home - the same kind of thing as Virgin Vie, Ann summers and Jamie Oliver but MeMeMe parties are better! 
Currently you can buy MeMeMe in Superdrug and on the MeMeMe website, their products are amazing, they are the same or maybe even better than high end brands but they are a lot cheaper. 
The reason I went to the party day today was because I am hoping to join MeMeMe and become a "Brand Angel" - This means I will be organising parties for people in the comfort of their own home!
Here are a few pictures of their products.....

Seventh Heaven - moisturising face base £15.00

cosmetics mirror £3.50

Goddess Rocks - £12.50
Blush Me! Blush box - £8.50 each 

Long Wear Satin Lip Cream - £8.50 - currently £6.50! This one is Pashmina Pink
Angels with halos - Skin illuminator - £9.99

When we got to the event we were each given goody bags - here is what we got in them. I will be reviewing these once I have used them for a while.

2012/2013 brochure's

Seventh heaven moisturising facebase

Light Me up lipgloss

Nail collection long lasting gloss - in Sensuous 

Nail file

This all came in one of the MeMeMe bags which are also sooo pretty! I am super excited to try the Seventh Heaven moisturiser as I cannot really afford to buy my usual Clarins hydra-quench at the moment and seventh heaven is currently one of their best sellers, it smells like citrus - Amazing! 

As you may know from my previous posts I am in love with this brand. All of the products are such good quality! If you haven't already you must get onto their website and have a look at some of their other amazing items!