Saturday, 22 December 2012

Little shopping trip!

I went shopping today and got a few bits I needed/wanted before Christmas.

First up I really wanted a Christmas Red lipstick as I have recently lost my favorite YSL red lipstick. I got one of the Rimmel lipsticks from Kate Moss's range. I purchased it in the colour 01 which is a dark red.

Then I really needed a liquid liner as I have just run out of my Maybelline gel liner. So I decided to try this Master precise liquid liner.

Finally I have been looking for a Christmas jumper everywhere and I found this really cute one with reindeer's on it which I think i am going to wear on Christmas day!



  1. Wow!! Where is that jumper from? I have been looking for one exactly like that! xx


    1. Its from this little cheap shop in my town. I don't even know the name of it but it is not a chain of shops! sorry x

  2. Love the lipstick and sweater lovely:)

    Sara xx

  3. Hi, I've updated my blog button, please could you replace the old one for my new one x

  4. amazing boughts! I adore the kate lipstick ^^

  5. Nice to know your blog, already following you!