Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lip Gloss

So last week my partner and I went for a night out – Our first one since having our daughter! We were in town getting him something to wear and just as we were about to go home I realised I didn’t get a lip-gloss, we were nowhere near Debenhams so I thought I would run in to Superdrug and see what they had. I saw a Rimmel lip-gloss which was roughly £6.00 which is extremely cheap compared to the YSL/Chanel/Estee Lauder ones, so I bought it. I applied it just as we were leaving our house and didn’t have to re-apply it until about 2 hours later; I was really impressed as when I usually wear lip-gloss I am re-applying nearly every 20 minutes. Now even though on the tube it says that it lasts up to 6 hours it didn’t last quite that long but it did stay in place for some fair time! It stays glossy it feels lovely and soft on your lips, it’s not sticky and it doesn’t smell like cheap nasty lip-gloss! 

So Heres the secret – RIMMEL STAY GLOSSY, I got it in “160 - STAY MY ROSE”

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