Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February Birchbox | 2016

Hi guys. When I received this months Birchbox I was not disappointed, everything from the pretty box to the products inside were great! I have a had a look online at Glossyboxs' February box, which did look quite good also, but again I am glad I stuck with Birchbox as I think the products are slightly better. The box itself is really pretty this month, it's turquoise with marble affect and it says "shine Bright Like A Diamond" on it. 

Spectrum Collection | Tapered Powder Brush | RRP £7.99

"This vibrant hand-finished brush makes light work of powder application (whether that's setting powder, shimmery highlighters, or your fave bronzer) Thanks to the precisely-shaped tip and super-soft tapered bristles. Oh and it's absolutely gorgeous."

Thoughts|  I was so excited when I saw this inside my box, I was looking at the Spectrum brushes the other day and almost bought some! This brush is beautiful, it has a pink handle, with blue and purple ombréd bristles. It feels really good quality, the bristles are super soft. If I like this I may end up buying one of their sets as it's too pretty not to!

Number 4 | Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect | RRP £20.00

"Treat your hair to a little TLC with this does-it-all wonder product. Not only does it strengthen and repair tired strands but it de-tangles and tames flyaways, too - and all without sulphates or parabens! That's what we call win-win."

Thoughts|  I love a good tangle spray for my hair. My hair's fine so it gets tangled really quickly. I highly doubt I would re-purchase this one though as I am in love with the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle which is a Birchbox exclusive and it's £6.00 cheaper than this one. 

Only Fingers + Toes | Nail Polish | RRP £16.00 

"While nail polish trends come and go, a polish that stands the test of time is hard to come by. Thankfully, this lacquer boasts a timeless glossy formula, applies effortlessly, and is free from the Big Five chemical nasties found in many polishes."

Thoughts|  I'm not a massive fan of the colour of this it's a muted pink with a nude undertone. This will probably be thrown into my nail polish collection and forgotten about unless I can think of a friend that may like it.  

Ayres | Body Butter in Patagonia | RRP £19.50

"Not only is this luxurious plant-based formula brimming with shea butter, vitamin E, and antioxidants to soften and hydrate, but the mix of jasmine, lavender, and ylang-ylang leaves behind a serene scent that lingers on nourished skin."

Thoughts|  I'm looking forward to trying this, being 8 months pregnant I am trying all sorts of body butters and oils to lather onto my growing belly. I applied a bit of this onto my hand and it sunk in quickly which is great as I hate it when creams leave a film across your skin.

LOC | One and Done Shadow Stick | Champagne Problems | £8.00

"What you are about to experence is Birchbox's first in-house make-up brand that we are SO excited to share with you. So what can you expect? Up to 11 hours of creaseless, waterproof colour in one handy stick, that's what."

Thoughts|  This is the one product that I have tried since receiving the box. Subscribers were emailed in January and asked to choose from two colours, one was this one, champagne colour and the other was a gold,  I would usually opt for the gold but I own so many gold/bronze eye colours that I decided to go for this one, and I am glad I did. The colour is a beautiful metallic champagne. It last really well on the lid, I wouldn't necessarily say it lasts 11 hours but it lasts a good amount of time maybe 7/8 hours. The price is great considering brands like By Terry do shadow sticks for £29.00...The £8.00 LOC one is much more appealing for your purse! 

Derm Eyes | Make-up Remover Wipes | RRP £9.50 | Beauty Bonus

"Eliminate all traces of make-up, gently, with these hypo-allergenic cleansing wipes. perfect for sensitive peepers, they've been created with a super-soft fabric to cleanse and hydrate the eye area without irritation"

Thoughts|  This is a nice little extra and as I do have sensitive skin it will be interesting to see if this irritates my skin. 


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