Thursday, 27 September 2012

Joliebox - September 2012

Today I finally received my Joliebox! I have been waiting on this arriving as the first one that was sent to me got lost in the post!
So this month's Joliebox is a London Fashion week special - it includes 3 full sized products, one sample sized product and a few extra sachets to try. My box also included an extra full sized item as it is my first ever order!

Balmi - Lip Balm

This was the product that I was the most excited about. I have seen loads of great reviews on these - everyone's favourite seems to be the raspberry flavour unfortunately I didn't get that one I got the mint. I love the packaging of these, they are very similar to the EOS balms, I can't comment on the actual product as I haven't tried the EOS. Balmi have SPF 15 and they contain shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, so they are supposed to keep the lips very moisturised, these retail at £5.00. I will do a review on this once I have used it for a couple of weeks!

I love... Mango face mask

Im looking forward to trying this, it says that it "refreshes skin and removes dead skin cells." This is a full size 15ml product. I can't find the price for this online, on the I love.. website it is in the "what's new" section but no price is advertised- i'm guessing it would be no more than £1.00.

So Susan - Wide Awake

This was my added extra for my first order with joliebox. It looks pretty but I have only seen bad reviews on this product, so I will try it and then I'll write my view on it within the next couple of weeks. RRP - £15.00


 REDKEN straightening lotion

Redken is a popular brand you can buy their products online or in some salons. I don't straighten my hair that often so I don't know how much use I will get out of this.


I didn't really understand these when I first saw them but after reading more about them they seem quite handy. Basically you can tie your hair up with these and when you take them out you won't have a kink, if these work I will carry one around with me in my bag for sure!

 Dr Bragi - bio marine exfoliant

98% natural ingredients - designed to eliminate dead skin cells. I'm looking forward to try this. RRP = £25 for 50ml.

So Overall I am quite happy with my first Joliebox - It took me ages to decide whether to order Joliebox or GlossyBox - If you subscribe to either of these let me know what you think is best - Glossy or Jolie?

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