Thursday, 13 September 2012


Hi guys, yesterday I went and picked up a MeMeMe goody bag from a friend of mine who works for the MeMeMe company.
I have heard of the brand before but have never used their products. So I thought I would write some short reviews on the products.

My MeMeMe Goody Bag

Blush Me! - Blusher in Coral = This is a lovely blusher its smooth to apply, it has a mirror inside which is always handy and it comes with a cute little brush. Now for anyone who read my blog on the Benefit blushers this is pretty much the same but only a fraction of the price at £8.50 each - these come in four lovely colours - bronze, coral, pink and rouge.

Blush me!

MeMeMe nail collection, long lasting gloss = This nail polish comes with a maxi brush the idea of this is that you should only have to do one stoke and your nail is covered -I don't think it works and I think you do still need to do a few stokes and I do two coats. I have used MeMeMe nail polishes in the past and they last a long time without chipping and they have an amazing range of colours. These retail at £4.50.

MeMeMe Eye line - in Coal = There isn't much you can write on an eye-liner but I really like this kohl liner. It comes out really soft and glides on easily and it is long lasting. The MeMeMe eye line comes in four colours which are Clay, Coal, Lagoon and Moss. These retail at £4.99

MeMeMe Fat Cat Volumising mascara = This isn't my favourite mascara I've ever used, its not terrible it does give you some volume and at £7.99 its cheap. I don't like the brush on it, as it is very stiff and bristly. Unfortunately I wont be swapping my Lancome Hypnose for this but ill probably just use this in the day and stick to my lancome when I'm going out.


MeMeMe Light Me Up high shine lip gloss - in luminous - I adore this lip gloss, its not to sticky, really glossy, smells minty, comes with a mirror on it and it lights up! this is normally £6.99 but is on offer at the moment at £4.99 - BARGAIN! I have this in the luminous colour which is a bright pink. Now normally when you buy glosses you choose a colour and the gloss comes out a really toned down version of that colour - but not this on it comes out on your lips a really bright pink. This gloss has "plumping agents for a natural pout." I Love the light which would really come in handy on a night out as you can apply it in the dark.


  1. Hello!
    I like your blog! I follow you!
    I love to MeMeMe blusher,
    brushes are so soft!


  2. I can't wait to go to this Me Me Me event on the 30th. I booked it out on my diary so I will definitely be there! X

  3. Thank you naturficial! Excited about the MeMeMe event liesje! x x x