Thursday, 13 September 2012

Septembers Empties!

Hi, I'm just going to do some quick reviews on things that i have run out of and whether I will buy them again.

1 - Benefit Bronzer 10 = £23.50
This is a bronzing and highlighting face powder duo. I love all of Benefits blushers and bronzers. Recently I have found MeMeMe blushers/bronzers which are pretty much identical and only £8.50, but MeMeMe haven't yet brought out a bronzing/highlighting duo so I probably will carry on buying 10 from Benefit, as I adore it!

2- Dior Forever flawless foundation / colour = 022 = £31.00
This is a lovely foundation, I would say it is medium/full coverage. I have quite dry skin and this was fine on my face. It is quite expensive, I bought it when I needed a break from my usual Estee Lauder double wear and I thought that double wear was expensive at £26.50 - and both foundations are 30ml. Also it didn't last very long it lasted me about 4 months where as double wear will last at least 6 months. The bottle has a pump which I thought was a bonus but you cant get all of the foundation out of the bottle, so I had to break the top off as I was not going to spend £31.00 and not use it all!!    
Over all a good foundation but a rip-off, I don't think I will buy this again unless i could afford to!
3- Mac Studio sculpt Foundation / Colour = NC25 = £24.00
This is a 40ml tube - So more foundation and cheaper than the Dior. All of the MAC foundations are reasonably priced and they are really good quality. I bought this foundation after seeing good reviews on it, i purchased it from Debenhams when they had a Mega event so i think i paid about £21.00 which is a real bargain for a decent foundation. I really liked it, it is in a squeezy tube so you can get it all out and it lasts ages, i purchased it in January and i have only just run out. It is really easy to apply and you can layer it up so you can go from light coverage to full!
I will definitely purchase this one again.
4 - Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid eyeliner = £20.00
Now this isn't actually an empty but i am chucking it out, so it may as well be!
I'm really disappointed with this eyeliner. It is quite watery so it takes a while to dry which is annoying because it does end up smudging and because the liquid is so fine it goes into your creases on your eye lids and spreads.
I will not be purchasing this again!
5 - Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner = £11.00
I'm not sure if Clinique still do this but I know you can buy it on line. I love this liner, it is quick drying, easy to use fine brush, good value and long lasting. The only downside is that it drys as more of a dark grey than a black. I will be ordering this again.
6 - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm = £28.00
This is my must have, I put it on before my foundation every day. it makes your skin feel soft and plumps your skin up a bit to make you look more awake. It is really moisturising and the tube last for ages. I also love the smell of it i have read different reviews, some people think the smell is odd but I like it! I shall be buying another one this week as i cannot live without it!
MUA Lipstick / Shade 5 = £1.00
I bought this lipstick in superdrug its a brand i have never seen before i think it must be a superdrug own brand. It looks like a knock-off MAC. It so cheap but actually quite good quality. I bought this lipstick and a smokey eyeshadow trio which was £2.50 i noticed that they also do eyeshadow palettes of 12 different colours for £4.00. the lipstick doesn't last long but you don't mind re-applying if its only £1.00, it does also have that cheap lipstick smell but I can deal with that! I will buy some more of these in different shades.
YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick / shade 146 = £23.50
This is my most used lipstick. i have re-purchased this about 3 times, it is my all time favourite but i have a feeling it has been discontinued as i cant find it! :(
If you have read my previous blogs you will know that i am a huge fan of the YSL lipsticks. I love their colours i love their packaging and i love that they are long lasting.
So if i can find this online i will definitely purchase again! :)

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  1. These products are very good!
    And although the price is quite high, worthwhile.

    A kiss!