Monday, 12 November 2012

A Primark Haul

Today I went to Primark for the first time in ages and I thought I'd share what I bought with you!

I have wanted a new hand-bag for ages! Since being a Mum I have noticed that I take the changing bag with me  everywhere, then when I go out without my daughter I don't have a bag! I saw this and I really liked it its the perfect size and I just think it is really cute! - £8.00 

The second thing I saw was this purse. I always use my Paul's boutique purse which is perfect for nights out as it is small but for everyday use I could do with something a little bit larger. I really like this colour and I love the bow on it, it also has loads of space. - £5.00

This ones a bit boring but I picked up some plain long sleeved black tops. I always get these when I go to Primark as they are only £3.50 and they come in every colour possible.

I also got this jumper. Its really light and soft. Just a casual jumper to wear with jeans. I love getting nice comfy knitwear like this in the winter! - £6.00

I keep going into town and forgetting to buy some earrings I have none at the moment I always manage to lose one of them so my jewellery box is full of odd earrings. I bought these you get 9 pairs for £2.00 - Bargain!

Finally I picked up this really cute knitted dress for my daughter. I am loving this knitwear at the moment as it is so cold here in the UK. It looks so cute with a pair of tights!

I am trying to get lots of bits and bobs together for my Christmas giveaway - so watch this space I'm hoping to put it up very soon!