Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Santa Clause is coming to town.......

Hi! I thought I would do a little festive post today and show you a few of my decorations that I have been collecting over the past few weeks. 
As this is my first Christmas in my own house I had no decorations at all and I didn't realise how expensive they can be! Before we went out looking for decorations we had to decide on colours, I wanted Nordic/Scandinavian red and white decorations where as my partner wanted the traditional red/white/green decorations. Thankfully I finally got my own way and we settled on my choice! 

I am super excited about getting a tree. We are going to go out on my Birthday (2nd December) and get one. I will try and get some pictures whilst we are tree shopping and do a little blog to show you all, we are going to a local tree farm to pick the perfect tree! Here are my decorations so far -

 I got some jingle bells from homebase, they had these in all different colours but I got the red/white pack. 

Little fabric houses, I don't know what they have to do with Christmas but I thought they were very cute. I got these from my local Homesense.

These candy canes. I don't think I will have these on my tree but maybe along my fireplace - From Homebase.

Fabric hearts - Homesense

Ceramic mittens - I don't know whether I am going to have these on my tree as they are quite heavy I may try though! - Homesense

Little fabric reindeer - I got this from a local shop called Ginger Fig and this item was made by Heaven Sends LTD. 

 This is also from ginger fig and this one was handmade by the shop owners.

 Also from Ginger fig - unknown brand! (Sorry)

I love this heart with the jingle bells I think it is so cute and I found it in a sale basket for 50p! Bargain! - Ginger Fig

Rustic star - Ginger Fig

 Christmas tree lights from Homebase.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will post a photo once my tree is complete. I am sorry I don't have the prices but I stupidly took off the price tags! Sorry!

Check out the ginger fig website as they have some really cute items www.gingerfig.co.uk


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