Monday, 15 December 2014

Nails Inc | The Ultimate Accessory Gift Set

Good Evening!

It was recently my 22nd Birthday and one of the presents I received was this Nails Inc Gift set from my lovely big sister! I thought I would share it with you as Christmas is approaching quickly and I think it's a great gift.

In the set you get 7 polishes, one of which is a glitter, five beautiful christmassy colours, a top coat and a nail file. I personally think all of these are lovely colours which is unusual as in most sets there are normally one or two colours that aren't so great!

1| Kings Road | Full Size £12.00

This is my favourite. It is one of the Nails Inc "Foil" textured polishes. This is a beautiful rose gold shade, I have been looking for a rose gold polish for ages but I have found some are too pink and some too metallic.  Kings Road is the perfect mix of both. It only takes two coats and it’s completely opaque.

2| St Ann's Lane | Limited edition (For this giftset)

This is a really pretty dusky pink colour. I love this as an every day natural colour.

3| Old Bond Street | Limited edition - Comes in the gel effect

This is a stunning purple/blue colour. This bold colour would give a great pop of colour to a plain outfit. It takes about three coats to make it opaque.

4| Tate | Full Size £11.00

This is a bold classic red colour. I think this is the perfect festive colour for Christmas. It is hard to find a classic red that is as chip resistant as this. It only takes two coats for it to be opaque.

5| Horseferry Road | Limited edition (For this giftset)

This colour looks black in certain lights but it has dark red undertones. I don't tend to like black polishes but the red in this makes it less harsh against the skin.

6| Derby Gate | Limited edition (For this giftset)

This is a pink chunky glitter polish. This looks great on top of colours, especially on top of Horseferry Road and Kings Road from this collection.

7| Caviar Topcoat | £15.00

This is dry in 45 seconds.  It makes your polish more chip resistant and is "enriched with caviar extract for a wet look professional finish"

 Overall,  I love all of these colours and will get a lot of use out of them. I have always been a big Nails Inc fan and personally prefer them to OPI. The prices are quite high but I think they are worth it.  They last on my nails without chipping a lot longer than cheaper brands.

If you are looking for a more affordable polish that still has a great colour range I would recommend BarryM polishes.


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