Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gradual Tanning Cream | Review

Hi guys, I've recently been trying out some gradual self tanners, I used to use them when I was younger and when I saw they were on offer the other week I thought I'd give them a go again.

Johnson's Holiday skin | Fair to medium | £5.25

What they say |

"Gradually builds a beautiful, even tan. Subtle, fresh fragrance. Blended with naturally moisture-rich avocado & starflower extracts"

What I say | 

I'm not keen on this one I find that it's a very orangey shade. It has a bare-able scent but not a nice one! It says on the bottle "absorbs easily to avoid staining" I felt like this was quite thick and didn't sink into the skin quick enough, I tend to put tan on before going to bed so want something that sinks in quickly! It says "A beautifully even tan will develop after 3-4 applications" I found the colour showed within 2 applications but it wasn't a "beautifully even tan"....I'd say more of a streaky orange tinted tan! Over all I didn't like this gradual self tanner and won't be using it in the future...unless I decide I want to look like an umpa lumpa! 

Dove Summer Glow | Medium to dark | £5.25 (currently £2.62 at boots)

What they say | 

"moisturises your skin whilst gradually enhancing your natural skin colour. So now you can have a beautiful summer glow all year round."

What I say |

I am really enjoying this. It has more of an olive-y colour as opposed to the Johnson's orange! It sinks into the skin quickly whilst still being very moisturising. It doesn't go streaky or patchy. It has a fairly nice scent...well as nice as a inexpensive tanner can have! I didn't mean to pick up the medium/dark option but I am kind of glad I did now as I think the light one would have been too light. Over all I love this gradual tanner and have already got a second one for back up!

How I apply |

I use my Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body scrub, mainly focusing on my elbows, knees and ankles. Then every other night before bed I apply the Dove Summer Glow all over rubbing in thoroughly. On the nights that I don't apply the gradual tan I apply Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant, Vaseline say "Heals dry skin to reveal its natural glow" I don't know if this is true but I find it really hydrates my skin and helps to stop the tan from going flaky. It sinks into the skin quickly and makes my skin feel really soft in the morning. Also I love the cocoa scent! 



  1. This was a great post, I'm faired skin naturally and always looking for a glow. I burn easily think this will help me not tan.


    1. Thank you Katie, I also have fair skin so I am always looking for something to give me a bit of a glow without burning! x